Basic makeup course

  • Includes 9 lessons with the main basic techniques of makeup
  • Access to Bank of Ideas for 3 months for free
  • After passing through examination you receive the Certificate of Tyuyushka's School of Make Up

Classic Makeup

Learn Classic Makeup

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This is the most universal makeup technique. It suits any eye shape. Classic technique is mandatory in the case of asymmetric eyelids, as it does not define the size of the moving part of the eyelids and the shape of the crease. It works for the day makeup, night makeup and wedding makeup. With matt,...

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Banana Technique

Learn Banana Technique

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This technique makes a natural eyelid crease deeper. It is the second most universal technique after the classic one. It is especially good for a mature makeup. It works excellent for overhanging eyelids. There are many makeup artists, who knowing only banana, become popular and work only with this technique.
Banana is not good for the...

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Contrast Corner

Learn Contrast Corner

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Unfortunately, it is only good for the open eye with one crease in the outer part of the eyelid. This technique is rarely used for the day makeup, as the clearly outlined lid looks very expressive. The night or wedding makeup made with this technique looks gorgeous. ...

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Loop or drop

Learn Loop or drop

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It is a beautiful and rather complicated technique. This shape is for brave and creative owners of perfect eyes. This technique is good for evening makeup and wedding makeup. ...

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Learn Horizont

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This technique is good for the girls with equally wide lids, as it underlines the crease. Overhanging eyelids are also the benefit for a horizontal technique. Never use it for the clients with deeply set eyes, as deepening their crease can make face features more coarse and turn a nice girl into a Halloween witch....

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Learn Diagonal

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The Diagonal technique is perfect for unsymmetrical closely set eyes and for very large lids as well. ...

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Fish tail

Learn Fish tail

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This is a very beautiful technique, it suits almost any eye shape, except where the crease in outer corner is overhanging and conceals a tail line. Fish tail is also good for asymmetrical eyelids. ...

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Smoky eyes

Learn Smoky eyes

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One of the most universal technique has become very popular recently. There are many variations of smoky eyes. This technique looks flossy on the photos and is good for the night makeup. Smoky is a general name for the makeup, where the dark shadow is put on the eyelids with the smooth blending. ...

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Learn Outlet

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This technique is more extravagant than the others.
Eyes must be eloquent and solid, with distinct symmetrical eyelids. I use very bright colors in this makeup. If you use restrained colors and don’t take the outlet line too close to the temple, this technique can be used for a wedding makeup. In this case it is...

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